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This website was started to provide blogs where merchants and others who have had positive experiences with StoresOnline can voice their opinions and share their first hand experience with the company.

Read and post personal accounts of the StoresOnline seminar and workshop. Talk about how Customer Service has improved your knowledge of your StoresOnlinePro or StoresOnline Express website builder. Get in touch with StoresOnline Programming department for assistance with building your website. This site is helpful for those who want help and to read and understand what it is like to work with StoresOnline in building the dream of a successful online business.

Hopefully, these postings will help you make an informed decision about who StoresOnline is and what they can offer to online entrepreneurs.

If you are already a StoresOnline customer and need assistance with your StoresOnline Pro or StoresOnline Express website, you may email

If you have StoresOnline Customer Relations questions, please contact:

Mari Silva
Director of Customer Relations
Stores Online Inc.
Phone: (801) 227-0004
Fax: 801-426-6712
Toll Free Fax: (888) 416-7370

Our objective is to help you, the reader, make informed decisions and to balance out other “objective” reviews.

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Customer Chat Support Feedback: "excellent work"

An important facet of a maintaining a successful online business is the Customer Support you receive from the company you are working with. StoresOnline prides itself in having responsive Customer Service Agents that will take the time to go through your website with you and help make the corrections or needed changes so that your site is running in tip top shape.

Below is one example of an actual StoresOnline Chat record - the names of the StoresOnline Representative and StoresOnline Merchant have been changed.

(Support) Thank you for contacting StoresOnline. How may I assist you today?
(Support) Hi Sir
(merchant review) hi
(Support) How may I help you today?
(merchant review) ok the links again please
(merchant review) could you please go back to fixing our mistakes please?
(merchant review) you did that one very well
(Support) I sure, I have fixed links one and two
(Support) Thank you.
(merchant review) the one i checked
(merchant review) ok there are more mistakes on our first page, may we go to that page please
(Support) I am in that page.
(merchant review) ok on that page with the white background
(merchant review) do u see on the left the navigation word
(merchant review) popular gifts?
(Support) Yes.
(merchant review) next to the gift graphic
(merchant review) ok popular gifts >>> must be linked again
(merchant review) now it is wrong it is linked to the wrong page
(Support) I will change it.
(merchant review) ok thank u
(merchant review) may we please start from the first one
(merchant review) and check them all the way down?
(merchant review) because we made them all wrong
(Support) I have linked it.
(Support) One moment please let me check that for you.
(merchant review) ok
(merchant review) now it is fine
(merchant review) i refreshed the page
(merchant review) again
(merchant review) second time i see it perfect
(merchant review) hello?
(Support) It will show the related page.
(Support) Thank you.
(merchant review) nope now it is fine
(merchant review) because i refresh the page
(Support) Great!
(merchant review) i refresh it the second time is great
(merchant review) may i please check all the links now
(merchant review) ?
(Support) Yes, you can check it.
(merchant review) thank you please hold
(Support) OKay.
(merchant review) i can see you are as good as my other favourite support
(merchant review) i am writing your name down
(Support) Thank you.
(merchant review) in my champions list
(Support) Is there anything else I can help you with?
(merchant review) is online catalogue in red now
(Support) No.
(merchant review) the word online catalog
(merchant review) ok
(Support) I need some time to change it.
(merchant review) ok thats fine i can wait
(Support) I will send you an email when I fix it.
(Support) I am working on it.
(merchant review) i can wait its not an issue(Support) Is there anything else I can help you with?
(merchant review) all problems fixed
(merchant review) : )
(Support) You're most welcome! Feel free to contact us if you need any further assistance.
(Support) Thank you for choosing StoresOnline Chat support.
(Support) We'd love for you to fill out the survey after you click on the "Done" Button. We appreciate your comments and suggestions regarding your recent experience. I hope I have given you excellent service. Thank you and have a lovely day!
(merchant review) ok thanks
(merchant review) yes of course
(Support) Take care.
-merchant review has left the chat.

Excellent customer service shows that your StoresOnline Customer Support Agent will work on your website's issues with you - StoresOnline wants you to be a success, if you are in need of assistance, take a moment to contact StoresOnline Support by chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at or you can email

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