Wednesday, August 20, 2008 & Mr. Lee Odden

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Mr. Lee Odden spoke about many great ideas, but one that was most interesting and easy to implement was how bloggers need to interlinking blog postings is one of the best ideas that you can do simply by creating hyperlinks within your blog passes both PageRank and trust credibility in the blog. Mr. Odden says to crosslink the postings with anchor text for more exposure to other pages within your blog which will potentially boost your blog traffic as well.

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Thank You StoresOnline!

Do you have a thank you message for a StoresOnline employee who has helped you in the past? If so, leave a thank you message here.

As A StoresOnline Merchant, What Helpful Tips Do You Have?

If you've been working with StoresOnline and the StoresOnline Pro or Express website building software, please share a helpful tip about the StoresOnline software or about being an online business owner.

What Is Your Favorite StoresOnline Pro or Express Feature?

If you have worked with StoresOnline Pro or StoresOnline Express, tell us more about your favorite feature.

What Do You Think About StoresOnline's Programming Department?

If you are a Merchant or someone who has worked with the StoresOnline Programming Department, tell us about your experience.

Do You Have a StoresOnline Website?

If you have a StoresOnline Website, tell us more about it.

What Is Your Personal Experience with StoresOnline?

What has your personal experience been with StoresOnline?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Inspirational Gift Gallery by StoresOnline Merchant Elaine Stephen

Elaine Stephen is a work at home Mom and the Sole Proprietor of the Inspirational Gift Gallery an online store that is dedicated to making the giving of inspirational gifts affordable for every occasion, holiday and event. Visit the Inspirational Gift Gallery at where hundreds of inspirational gifts are on sale every day!

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Mari Silva - Helping StoresOnline Merchants One at a Time

I contacted Mari Silva at StoresOnline to ask about how to best resolve any customer concerns that a StoresOnline Merchant might have. She let me know that she is glad when people contact her by phone or email because it gives her a chance to resolve their StoresOnline purchase concerns and get them back on track with their online businesses and their lives.

Common concerns can sometimes escalate due to misunderstandings or fear of the unknown for people who are just starting out with StoresOnline. Mari is a great example of the care and concern customers can expect when dealing with StoresOnline. If you have questions or concerns, contact her today by phone at 801-234-5976.

If you need Customer Support assistance with your StoresOnline Website, please visit for 24/7 Customer Support or email

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tommy & Mary McGuire: Successful StoresOnline Merchants

To make up the decreased sales, Tommy looked around for venues and opportunities to make up what had been lost. It was then that he decided the Internet could be a good avenue to offer his line of products.

Tommy hired a local Web site designer and began to build a nice Web site. After over 500 hours of work on the Web site, it was going to be nothing more than “an online brochure.”

Tommy and Mary realized they were not getting where they wanted to go on their own, so they attended a StoresOnline Preview and then a StoresOnline Workshop.

Tommy emphasizes the difference between his experiences on the internet before and after StoresOnline. “From my experience, trying to start my own…website and talk to the local computer gurus and website builders,” he says, “and wasting money with them, I finally came to the point, you know, I need…real professionals.”

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