Wednesday, December 3, 2008

StoresOnline Merchants & Google Alerts

StoresOnline Merchants if you aren't using Google Alerts, now is the time to get started. Google Alerts will assist you as you track a specific keyword or key term that you are focusing on. With Google Alerts, when the specific keyword is written about on the Internet, Google Alerts will send you and email with the keyword highlighted as well as the source of the new information.

StoresOnline teams are aware of the benefits of Google Alerts. We use Google Alerts to watch for news about StoresOnline. Today I received this Google Alert:

An Online Business with StoresOnline Express
By Online Consumer Solutions
StoresOnline Express allows you to create and maintain an eCommerce-enabled website with simplicity and ease. Simply gather content, design your site, publish your StoresOnline Express website to the Internet, and allow customers to
...Online Consumer Solutions for... -

This write up on this blog highlighted the StoresOnline Inside Sales website. As per the blog post, the StoresOnline Express is being offered on this site for $50.00. As you can see, using Google Alerts helps provide you additional resources that will help you keep a finger on the pulse of news about your StoresOnline site or business. Not only did we get new StoresOnline information to share with you, we also were able to show you one of the benefits of using Google Alerts.

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