Friday, October 3, 2008

StoresOnline: How to Avoid Bad Web Design

Have you ever come across a site that is so irritating to look at that you wish you could blacklist it from the Internet? There are a few sites out there that are just plain repulsive because they are not user friendly, ugly, take too long to load and a variety of other reasons. In order to make a site successful and have high viewer response, there are a few basic web design ideas to avoid like the plague!

Crummy Content
Content is by far one of the most important parts of a website. It can help a business gain traffic as well as increase sales and viewer interest. Ignoring your content is website suicide. This does not mean posting a ton of links instead of tangible articles on your resource page. Create or edit articles and information that is attention getting and newsworthy. Also, do not link every word on your article to an off- or on-page; it is distracting and unnecessary. When writing fresh content, leave the jokes to the comedians. People may not understand your humor and can even be offended by it. This will most certainly drive viewers away from your site.

Terrible Text and Bawdy Backgrounds
After you have some content, do not ruin it by making it unreadable. Avoid fancy scripts, centered text, flashing items and overuse of bold and italics. Pick a script that's easy to read and bold/italicize only what's important like subheads, keywords and focal points. Next pick a background that does not take away from the text. For example, white text on a black background, dark text on a dark background and light colored text on a white background is not appealing and sometimes difficult to read. You want to attract ever type of reader in every age group, therefore keep your text and backgrounds simple and neutral. Confusing text and background combinations highlights chaos and a lack of control. This is not the message you want to send to potential clients.

Keep it Simple
The last thing your business needs is for Internet users to run away from your site for good. Make it easy on yourself and on your viewers by keeping your web design simple with a branded look and salivating content. Solid web design can help your business keep customers searching your content. Remember to just keep it simple.

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A.Ro said...

I definitely agree with keeping the site simple. I experimented with a site that was very plain, with only two fonts and a simple blue and white color scheme and no flashy graphics. I actually got a lot of compliments on it from people I showed it to--they all commented on how "clean" it was and easy to navigate. While flashy websites can be interesting, sometimes all a customer wants is something that's easy on their eyes and easy to navigate.

The Brown Family said...

Programming did my site design for me and did an amazing job. It looks very professional and is still clean and simple, very easy to navigate. Well worth the money to have a great looking site that customers can easily navigate and purchase from.

Froggie said...

Simpler is definitely better! I have seen some websites that nearly give me ADD overload because there are too many details competing for my attention.

Stacey & Nico Gonzalez said...

I have also noticed when looking at websites that are simple and not too many desgins, are better. I know I like looking at something that looks easy so I feel confident I will find what I am looking for. When I see these blogs by Storesonline, they are simple and easy to get around. Storesonline is a great company.

Jerry said...

I know some StoresOnline customers have the old 4.0 sites.
If you have some of those sites that you have not built on, SOL can transfer them over to pro sites for free.
However if you do have content on some of these sites some of the information may migrate over. If you have questions on this call customer support and they will help you.

lsutton said...

I also agree to keeping the site, clean, simple, and professional. Of course don't make your site boring and "just like everyone else", still add your flair to the site, but don't overdo it. You may think that your site is awesome looking and easy to navigate (and maybe it is), but still get a second opinion from a friend, family member, neighbor, etc., to come to your site and give you feedback.

A.Ro said...

Does anyone know of a really good way to learn good web design? I can learn things just by observing what I like and don't like about other people's sites, but I would love a source that just teaches you all the tricks. Let me know if you have ideas.

Stacey & Nico Gonzalez said...

I would also like to see some samples too of simple web designs, so I can get a idea of what I like and do not like. Is their a place to go to get some ideas? Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)

Melody said...

One thing that I would recommend to everyone is use spellcheck or have someone read over your site before publishing. This creates less embarassment for you later :)

squiggy said...

If you have something special you want on your site, like scrolling banner, or slide show, check out the StoresOnline changes department. They can help you add many things that you might not be able to do with the store builder.
Or you can have programming build your site for you.
Just go to the to learn more, or call customer support.