Thursday, October 30, 2008

StoresOnline Business Resources for StoresOnline Merchants

If you are a StoresOnline Merchant who needs assistance or has questions about StoresOnline Products and Services, here are a few StoresOnline Website Resources that you'll want to visit and bookmark:

Frequently Asked Questions About StoresOnline Express

How Does the StoresOnlinePro Software Technology Work?

What Are A Few of The StoresOnlinePro Software Features?

Where Can I Get 24/7 StoresOnline Merchant Support?

Who Can Help Me Program My StoresOnline Website?

I Need a Logo for My StoresOnline Business

Who is A StoresOnline Success Merchant?

Where Can I Find A StoresOnline Merchant Review?

How Does StoresOnline's Customer Service Rate?

Where Can I Learn More About Blogging for My StoresOnline Website?

Where Can I Interact With Other StoresOnline Merchants?

Where Can I Read About Other StoresOnline Customer Service Experiences?

Are There Other Blog Resources That Talk About StoresOnline?

Is There A Merchant Resource Gives StoresOnline Updates?

Do you know of other StoresOnline Resources
for StoresOnline Merchants?


Darren said...

Another great resource is the storesonline programming site which is On this site they offer three different options for you to submit your site to them. I personally like the 3rd option to have customer development rep contact you and walk you through the process.

Megan said...

I have found that when I need to get something added or changed on my site that that I can submit to the changes department and that they can let me know if it is possible to do that to my site.

Kimmy Clark said...

Thank you for mentioning the StoresOnline Programming Department. There are many things that a StoresOnline Merchant can have done for them by a programmer, so if you are looking for some assistance, visit for sure.

And thank you Megan for reminding StoresOnline Merchants about the Changes Department. That is a great resource as well.

Steven said...

One resource I really enjoy is the online chat freature. I would suggest that if you are stuck on a problem to contact the chat reps and they can really help you out.

William said...

If you have something on your site that is just bugging you you can always submit to the changes department and see if they can change that pesky thing. They are really smart and know advanced HTML. Their website is

Kimmy Clark said...

Thank you for the comment Steven :) Yes the 24/7 chat support is a great feature of the StoresOnline Customer Support that is available to StoresOnline Merchants. Here is the link for the 24/7 chat assistance:

The Brown Family said...

The chat resource is my favorite go-to when I need quick and reliable help with my site. Everyone there is really knowledgeable and very willing to help. They can walk me through the problem or even fix things for me if necessary.