Wednesday, October 15, 2008

StoresOnline Merchants Want to Know What Makes A Great Blog?

StoresOnline Merchants want to know: What Makes a Great Blog? Well, searching through the Internet, we came upon the following article:

"When reading a blog what is it people are looking for? Is it content? Is it the unique story a writer has to tell? Or, is it a combination of things?

Some people look for writing content. Others look for graphics and then some people like to go to blogs because, they can find their entertainment in video content.

For the most time, I look for combinations of things in a blog. Also this depends on the mood I am in. If the story is entertaining enough I will keep reading, if the video has a title I am attracted to I will finish watching it unless the content is just totally ugh. Graphics are great but graphics with a story to what I am looking at is even more fun.

Writers are in general unique by them self. Every writer has their own style when they write their own original content. Some writers make spelling mistakes, but do not let that keep you from reading their story. English might not be their first language but at least an attempt to give another person some entertainment was given.

On the end it is always the choice of the visitor. When they like your entertainment they will return. If a question is raised in a specific topic, more then likely visitors return just to see if there is an answer posted. So, no matter what is presented a great blog is great when the visitor likes it."

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StoresOnline Merchants, tell us what you think: what makes a blog great to you?


Avonly said...

One article that I found had so ideas about creating a successful blog. It said write about something no one else has, expose a problem/ asks a question, solve a problem/ answers a question, and lastly write about something that entertains. :)

A.Ro said...

I think the best blogs ultimately have the best content--something fresh and inviting, written in an engaging way. All the other aspects of the blog--entertainment, graphics, other embellishments--should not detract from the content.

Mike said...

I asked Storesonline customer service what makes a good blog and they told me two things are most important: fresh content and relavent content. Fresh means that you add something to your blog every chance you get. The newer the information the better. Who wants to read a week old newspaper? Relavent content means it has to be both useful to the people who are reading your blog (They are reading your blog because they are interested in a certain subject) and useful to the search engines who index your blog (Meaning it should contain your keywords)
Does this sound right?

StoresOnline Blogger said...

Hey Mike, the answer to your question is Yes; you definitely want to keep the information fresh and relevant to what your readers are searching for. Don't forget to optimize your blog for relevant keywords as well. That is another way that your blog will be seen as an authority on certain subjects by the search engines.

Regis said...

The question is, what are you selling? Can your customers tell when they first see your site.
A fancy logo is nice, even impressive, but if a person can't tell what you are selling when they first hit your site it is worthless.
Make sure you have some sort of product image near the top of your site so people know what you are selling.
It makes that impressive logo even better.