Monday, October 27, 2008

StoresOnline Merchant Help Forum

This blog was started as a place for StoresOnline Merchants and others to find helpful information about starting, building, and maintaining your online business. From time to time, we search the Internet for other helpful resources for you. Today we came upon a very helpful tool for StoresOnline Merchants: The StoresOnline Merchant Help Forum.

The StoresOnline Merchant Help Forum offers help and ideas on the following subjects:

- StoresOnlinePro software
- Avail 24/7 Software
- Marketing
- StoresOnlineExpress software

There is also a section for free webinars for StoresOnline Merchants. The thing that we liked the most about this forum was how they described it: "StoresOnline's Help Forums are here to help you. Ask and answer. StoresOnline will monitor these forums for common problems and great suggestions! Please help us improve our product by taking part in the sharing of information. Click on the link to the right to sign up, then click on the discussion group you want top browse on the left. Click here to sign in and join the conversation. It's quick, easy and free!"

It looks like this is just another way that StoresOnline is working to support Merchants and Online Entrepreneurs. We encourage you to sign up today and let us know about your experience with the StoresOnline Merchant Help Forum.


Wilma said...

Haven't worked on your sites for awhile? Don't know where to start.
Call Customer Support and they can get you going again.
Sometimes all you need is taking that first step.
The Customer Support team is here to help you get your sites up and going and making money.
Give them a call today.

Buddy said...

I really appreciate the help forum. I sometimes feel so dumb contacting customer support to ask simple questions. This is great!

Ellen said...

You can have your Avail email forwarded to your Outlook or gmail.
You just need to set up your pop settings in Avail. If you go to your Avail help button and type in pop settings, or pop mail you will see excellent instructions on how to do this.
The pop settings will only work with Outlook 2007 however. If you have an earlier version then consider using a gmail account.
If you have questions please call customer support.

Bonnie said...

When you go to set up your phone messages and you don't see the gray prompt bar it is probably because you need QuickTime. You will notice a small blue Q where the prompt bar should be. If you go to you can download a free version of QuickTime. Once you have done that, log back into Avail and you should see your gray prompt bar. Any issues please call customer support and they will help you.

Jane said...

I have attended one of your webinars, it was very helpful. It made me feel so high tech. And its amazing that I could attend the meeting with so many other merchants from the comfort of my own home. I would highly recommend them to other merchants.