Wednesday, July 9, 2008

StoresOnline: What is the Truth?

I’ve spent time reading through other blogs about StoresOnline and found that they are missing a lot of critical information. They give the appearance of “personal experience” amidst all the bad language and blame, but there seems to be a lack of personal responsibility to their dreams and to others. They seem to spread their doubt and bad attitude without a true conviction to offer a helping hand or any encouragement or alternative aside from complaining.

Most of those posts reminded me of this famous quote:

What comes out of you when you are squeezed is what is inside you. - Wayne Dyer

StoresOnline may not be the company for everyone, but if you are new to eCommerce, if you need a website building software program that is user friendly, and if you need technical and customer support that is available to you for the life of your website, then StoresOnline may be the company you choose to team up with.

Every person has their own story – If you have read those “truth telling blogs” then I suggest that you balance what they’ve said with testimonials from people who have had success with StoresOnline. When you read testimonials from people who have been on the same road you have and have actually experienced StoresOnline first hand – you will see why they are excited about their new found business and freedom. Click here to go to the StoresOnline Testimonial section.

I am contacting these success story merchants and asking for them to comment of the following items:

1) StoresOnline Merchant’s personal experience with StoresOnline Customer Support

2) Personal website experiences with StoresOnline Pro or StoresOnline Express

3) A StoresOnline Merchant’s personal experience with the StoresOnline Programming Department

4) A StoresOnline Merchant’s favorite feature of StoreOnline Pro or StoresOnline Express software

5) Helpful tips for other StoresOnline Merchants or other online business entrepreneurs

6) A thank you message to a Customer Support Representative or Programmer that has assisted you in the past with a StoresOnline website issue

I want to hear from their experience what made them choose StoresOnline. Keep checking back with this blog and get some balance to the “truth about StoresOnline” that is out there.
Best of luck in your online endeavors.

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