Monday, July 28, 2008

What Makes A StoresOnline Success?

Every StoresOnline Success Story has different elements, however there are basic elements of success that you will find with each StoresOnline Entrepreneur. We've highlighted a few of these success elements for you:

Hard Work - Jerry Lillie’s story shows how his hard work paid off on his journey from a corporate layoff to signing that same company on as his distributor.

Determination - Karla with a K compares her first experience with eCommerce as having a skeleton of a successful e-commerce business. “It didn’t have any way to track traffic, to track conversion rate, or really to—it didn’t have a natural connection to any shipper or merchant account solutions. It just didn’t have a lot of things that StoresOnline has.”

Making the Most Out of Life's Unforseen Circumstances - Jeffrey and Deanna Vaughan never imagined that Jeffrey’s debilitating knee injury would be the beginning of a successful e-commerce business.

In Control of Personal Destiny - Sue Anderson made her living as a freelance photographer for over twenty years, but she says that she was starting to burn out. “Freelance photography is wonderful," she admitted, "but it can be very stressful. I finally got to the point where I wanted a change in my life,”...

There are many reasons why a person seeks out an entrepreneurial opportunity - these stories help showcase a few of the elements of success that StoresOnline Merchants possess and continue to nurture as they enjoy their personal successes. Will you be the next StoresOnline Success Story? You won't know unless you try.

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