Monday, August 11, 2008

Mari Silva - Helping StoresOnline Merchants One at a Time

I contacted Mari Silva at StoresOnline to ask about how to best resolve any customer concerns that a StoresOnline Merchant might have. She let me know that she is glad when people contact her by phone or email because it gives her a chance to resolve their StoresOnline purchase concerns and get them back on track with their online businesses and their lives.

Common concerns can sometimes escalate due to misunderstandings or fear of the unknown for people who are just starting out with StoresOnline. Mari is a great example of the care and concern customers can expect when dealing with StoresOnline. If you have questions or concerns, contact her today by phone at 801-234-5976.

If you need Customer Support assistance with your StoresOnline Website, please visit for 24/7 Customer Support or email


Cathy H said...

Your chat representatives are always so pleasant to work with. I have been on many a time to get help with big and small things and have always been very pleased with the service. AnneB helped me to day and you could almost feel the big smiles thru' the computer!!!

The Brown Family said...

I am an employee as well as a customer or StoresOnline and just wanted to add my thoughts about the software they make available. I am not a techie person but was able to get my website up and running within 2 weeks and it looks amazing. The software made it so easy and simple to do. If I ever have a question I can always click the help button on the page and get details about exactly what information goes where. Merchant Services has helped me out so much as well. Any question I have...I just go search it there and voila!

Kimmy Clark said...

Thank you for your comment. If you are a StoresOnline Merchant that would like us to spotlight your website, please feel free to leave a post and we'll get in touch with you!