Saturday, August 16, 2008

What Do You Think About StoresOnline's Programming Department?

If you are a Merchant or someone who has worked with the StoresOnline Programming Department, tell us about your experience.


K.H. said...

The StoresOnline Programming department works hard to help merchants take their website ideas and make them a reality. Whether it is a solution to help a merchant with shipping rules on their site or advising a merchant on layout, font, and color scheme, the programming department uses their professional skills and time to provide the best service possible to StoresOnline Merchants. Thanks for all that you do!

survivor said...

Kelli Nilson is a terrific person to work with. She has been very helpful in all of my programming needs

Binkie said...

My programmer was wonderful to work with.
She helped me flesh out my ideas and gave many helpful suggestions.
She really made my site look not only beautiful but professional as well.
I just need to finish adding my products and do my ordering rules and I will have my site published. I know the help I received from programming will help me draw visitors to my site and I look forward to making many sales.

Annie P said...

Now having a website to submit my programming to makes the process so seamless and another example of how the programming department at Stores Online is always improving.


Joan said...

I am so grateful for the programming department.
I had a product, but I just did not know how to begin.
I choose to use the one programming site that came with my package.
They helped me from beginning to end. They made my site look beautiful.
Later I was able to call the customer service group and they were able to help me with any additional needs I had.
I am much more comfortable working on my sites now.

Tommy said...

I want to thank customer development for helping me submit my imfo to programming.
April walked me through everything and I was able to get everything together and send it in.
I am looking forward to seeing my site.
I plan on sending s few more in.
I know they will be done very professionally.

lsutton said...

The programmers at StoresOnline do a great job on designing the websites. If there is anything that needs to be changed ... whether it's a color, font, design of the site, etc., they do an excellent job.

I would love to work with the Storesonline programmers again with another site. I love their work and it's very professional with what they do.

Thank you programmers!!

Margaret said...

I really like the fact that I have several options to choose from when it comes to submitting your site to programming. I was especially grateful for the third option, a customer development representative contacted me and was able to walk me through the submission process. My site is finally finished and it look snappy! Thanks

James S. said...

I am so appreciative of all the help programming has given me. It's been a bit scary to begin this business, but I have received so much encouragement.
Thank you programming for a beautiful site.