Saturday, August 16, 2008

What Is Your Personal Experience with StoresOnline?

What has your personal experience been with StoresOnline?


mstone said...

Customer support deserves every bit of recognition it gets. They are very friendly and eager to help. Not just get you off the phone like other support centers.

What I love most is how when you ask them a question, not matter how complex, they have the answer right away. They don't have to go and search and learn it themselves first, which gives me a lot of confidence in them and what they know. Also doesn't waste my time sitting on the phone or chat.

So thank you for all your help and support! Keep up the great work!

galejontz said...

My experience with StoresOnline has been absolutely terrific! After trying numerous website hosts and free website services, I found StoresOnline's 24hr support and programming a tremendous advantage to getting a website up and running. I highly recommend them to anyone with serious intentions of having an e-commerce business. I love you guys!

Gale Jontz, CEO
WORLD Org. Of Mfg. Alt. Needs

survivor said...

Storesonline is one of the best companies I have ever had experience with.
They are honest and helpful. They will do their best to help you.
You will succeed if you do what they tell you.

Dakota said...

I have just recently signed up with Stores Online and it has such a positive experience for me.
I have found everyone I've worked with to be very ethical.
I called a rep today and she helped me through several confusing questions I had.
She also told me about Avail, a product that will help me organize my sites.
I signed up for that right away and would recommend everyone do so. Thank you Stores Online for everything.

red49ersracer said...

I have had nothing but excellent customer service. I have to say that for spending the money and time with a company you really need to feel reassured that at times you can always get the help you need. I have gotten that help with Storesonline. I have never felt that the questions that I have are dumb questions and I get quick responses when needed as well. They are worth the money and time spent.

Groucho said...

I've been really happy with everyone I have spoken with at Storesonline. The reps who have helped me are all professional and very knowledgeable.
I know when I call in I will get someone who will help me and not make me feel stupid.
I look forward to getting my sites up and going soon.

StoresOnline Rating Board said...

A StoresOnline Merchant named "John" left this comment for G. Hall:

"It's about time that I got the information I have been looking for..."

"John" called in, spoke with StoresOnline CSR, G. Hall, and in the call, G. Hall was able to walk "John" through:

1) Shipping Destinations
2) Adding in a redirect ordering rule
3) Adding Country dropdowns
4) Editing "see also" links on a product
5) Adding "Contact Us" forms
6) How reveiws and testimonials work
7) Adding upload options on products
8) Adding email links
9) Creating login pages
10) Creating real pages to replace virtual pages
11) Walked "John" through accessing his page links

This was a 5 star rating for G. Hall - it's customer service like this that makes the difference for StoresOnline Merchants - Keep up the great work!

Frank said...

I just want to say I am very grateful for the rep who helped with adding categories.
Showing me how to add products and then add those to the categories.
It makes my site look great.
She spent a long time with me.
She also helped me with variations, something I was not aware I could do.
Thank you to all the reps.

Katy S said...

What I know is that every time I call for help there is a person on the other end of the line there to help.
They are always friendly and very helpful.
They always have wonderful tips and suggestions on how to build my web sites.
I know there are some very knowledgeable people there and I am grateful to know I can call them for help.

Kimmy Clark said...

Many thanks to those who have responded to this post. Here are 2 other resources that you'll want to have bookmarked for future reference:

SonOfArthur said...

I agree with the posts already made. My chat rep went above and beyond for about 2 hours with me. Lindi was very patient with me and helped get all my questions answered. I have heard others make such great praises about the customer support and I agree whole-heartedly.