Saturday, August 16, 2008

Thank You StoresOnline!

Do you have a thank you message for a StoresOnline employee who has helped you in the past? If so, leave a thank you message here.


ishtheintrepid said...

I work in the same office as the Customer Support department, though I fill a different position. For eight hours per day, I do my own work while overhearing the work of the dedicated employees who help resolve website issues. I am consistently and highly impressed by the quality of service that is given to StoresOnline customers. The employees are courteous, encouraging and patient. I have heard comments along the lines of "You're doing great" or even design advice from one consumer to another. Not once have I heard a patronizing tone or impatience from an employee. It is a wonderful thing to hear people doing such a great job.

K.H. said...

Thank you Mari Silva for working with merchants who have concerns and questions about their accounts. I work with Mari and see how she takes difficult situations in stride and works tirelessly to find solutions. Mari, I appreciate your hard work and dedication to excellence - you are the best!

survivor said...

Ramona is one of the very best customer service reps I have had the pleasure to work with. She will take the time for you and never make you feel dumb.

survivor said...

The customer support at SOL is excellent. They go out of their way to help you.
Their goal is to help you succeed.

Sheba said...

As an employee of SOL, I know they are committed to their customers and to the customers success. It is nice to work for a company who cares not only about it's customers, but their employees as well.
This attitude allows this employee to do the very best for her clients.

Bruno said...

I wish I could remember all the names of the reps who have helped me at Storesonline.
What I do know is that every time I call in I'm treated professorially and with respect.
If the rep does not know the answer to my question they will do their best to find out.
I have yet to be disappointed by anyone at SOL.

spandreap said...

My experience with Stores Online’s customer service shows an effort in making my experience great.

Boots Smith said...

Thank you for giving me a chance to begin working for myself. For years I worked for others and now I will soon be able to work full times on my sites.
What a great way to make money and enjoy life.
It takes time and effort but anyone can succeed with this.
You need to treat these sites like a business and soon you will be making money.

Livin' the dream said...

I purchased 9 weeks ago and today I made a sale! I know it is just one but I MADE MONEY! And I like where this is going.
My site may not make me a millionair but if my site can make me $100 a week, I will take it and get to work on my next site!!!
Thanks Stores online!!!!!

Live the dream!

M said...

Today Anne really helped me out, she stuck with me through my issues and sent me to the proper person - thank you Anne!

Froggie said...

Today Mari Silva helped me out with a particularly challenging problem. I appreciated the fact that she listened to me, and I knew she was hearing what I was saying because she responded directly to my issues of concern.

Thank you Mari. I appreciate your dedication to quality service.