Saturday, August 16, 2008

What Is Your Favorite StoresOnline Pro or Express Feature?

If you have worked with StoresOnline Pro or StoresOnline Express, tell us more about your favorite feature.


Anonymous said...

StoresOnline Pro's Text editor is great! It lets me create great pages even without using HTML. Now that I know a little HTML I use the HTML Source editor inside the text editor to do some more advanced stuff! It's great! Check out the things I have done on my website

Patricia said...

My favorite feature on StoresOnline Pro is the category feature. Categories allow me to easily sort and add my products to my pages. Using categories in StoresOnline Pro also simplifies my shipping rules.

Debbie said...

I must admit I like the way the pages are set up in what they call 'elements' it makes it easy to move things around and rearange my site

survivor said...

For those who are new to web building, the templates are awesome. They let you get a look and feel that you can play with, without losing your info.

Teddy said...

I really love the new Avail product that Stores Online has to offer.
A toll free number, a fax number for incoming faxes and tons of emails to help you manage your account. The price is excellent, at twelve dollars and sixty five cents a month. Plus I was offered a free domain for one year for activating it. This product is really going to help me manage my online stores.

Bookie said...

One of the things I really like is how you can add many products via the FTP protocol. This includes your pictures if you have it set up right.
I like the fact that you can set your products in categories. You can show your product on sale with the normal price crossed out so your customer can see how much of a discount they are getting. There is also a way to set up variations for your products, like size, color, etc. It's just a overall great product.

A Parrish said...

I love all the different elements.

One of my favorites is the Product list element, it allows me to display my products in a table format that is done usually through HTML and by using the product list I can highlight a variety of products displayed the way I choose.

Simba said...

I like the fact that I can send out bulk email from the site.
If I want to do a newsletter this is the best way to do it.
Even if you send out occasional articles this is a great feature.
I've even thought of using this to send out a special discount email to my best customers.
Which reminds me of another great feature, the coupon feature.

Will said...

Among the many features I like is the option to set up a custom logo/header within the chosen template. All you have to do is select "custom" from the logo options and then you are given an HTML editor where you can quickly set up a table and insert text, images and links where desired to have a truly unique and more professional looking storefront.

Pinkie said...

I just leaned how to do variations and I really love how It works with my products.
I have been able to set up products by color, size and type.
I plan on using this function with some of my other sites.
There are just a lot of features under the products tab that can make setting up your site very easy.

Junior said...

Something that is very important, publish every time you make any changes to your site. If you don't the changes you made in your store builder will not take affect on your live site.
I also like the ability to back up your site.
It is an option when you publish.
It can to save you a lot of trouble if something goes wrong and you lose info.

lsutton said...

My favorite part of StoresOnline Pro is the "Help" button on every single page. If I ever am not sure what I'm looking on the page I can push that button on any page and it will tell me what it is.

Another feature I love as well is the advanced setting on any page. I was able to add a simple Java Script HTML cursor to my site easily.

You can see what I did to my site at

Mike said...

No one mentioned the orderning rules! I love setting up rules to do exactly what i want when a certain customer does or buys a certain thing. My product is complex and I make it worse by having shipping costs different for each state and how much you buy, but I made ordering rules that take care of it all for me! some peopel think they are complicated and I did have to call them for help at first, but now I am the master! Thanks to who ever invented those rules.

minnie said...

Today I had a customer support person help me add additional images to my product page.
This was very helpful because my customers can now click on the different styles of dish sets and enlarge the picture.
After that we added variations and now my customers can choose colors and amounts.
It was wonderful to see all the things I can do with variations.

Heidi said...

My favorite has to be the integrated dropshippers. I was to tell you the truth a little scared to just pick any drop shipper off the net. What if they weren't reliable? Plus we all know that finding a dropshipper can be SUPER frustrating. The integrated dropshipper feature allowed me to upload my products fast and easy.

Go Brown! said...

My favorite feature is the UPS shipping calculator. This allows me to just simply enter my dropshippers zip code and it calculates that shipping cost for me its GREAT!