Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Message From A StoresOnline Merchant

This message was sent in to a StoresOnline Customer Support Representative:


You have been of such supreme help to us. Taking the time to write out these instructions has been invaluable. I definitely give this call a "10" on a scale of 1-5. I hope most o the StoresOnline Customer Service Reps are as knowledgeable as you. Please forward [this] to your supervisor. I want them to know how valuable you are to us customers. Thanks for following up with us too regarding the external links. I was so happy to get your phone call yesterday.

Take care and if you see anything else with our site that may be causing us to not get any sales, let us know.



P.S. We finally got a professional logo to go on our site. That might help our sales/visitor ratio out a bit. Check it out when you have time. We'll have it up on Thursday or Friday. YAY!!!"

Does StoresOnline help its merchants who are working on their sites to succeed? The answer is: yes! If you are a StoresOnline Merchant who needs assistance, please feel free to log onto the 24/7 chat support at http://support.myquickresponse.com/ today.

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