Thursday, September 25, 2008

StoresOnline Says Thank you B. Payne

StoresOnline Customer Support receives thank you letters from StoresOnline Merchants. Here is a letter that was sent in to the customer service team:

"The purpose of this letter is express my appreciation for all the help that Mr. B. Payne has given me in just two sessions. I have made many assistance calls to StoresOnline and I can say without hesitation that Mr. Payne is head and shoulders above those representatives that I have dealt with to date. He is courteous, very patient, focuses on the problem, and possess excellent communication skills coupled with a great deal of professional knowledge.

For example, many representatives are in a great rush to recommend the tutorials, even though I have indicated that the tutorial did not solve my problem, without first listening and focusing on the problem about which I am calling. Some representatives will give up in their effort to work through the problem. Some will obviously not know what the difficulty is and make up an excuse such as when I could not log onto the FTP program. I was told the system was down when in fact I was entering the incorrect host address.

Mr. Payne does none of the above. In my case, as in the FTP difficulty, it was he who solved the problem by going over the exact steps that I was performing to log onto the system. Similarly, I had many questions regarding the uploading of products utilizing Excel and placing them into categories. Again Mr. Payne stuck with me for an extended period of time and patiently went through the procedures in a clear and straightforward manner, allowing me to make notes and ask many questions.

I would, with all due respect, recommend that Mr. Payne be utilized as a trainer which would greatly enhance the capability of your representatives and I think make many more of us pleased with your assistance program.

Sincerely yours,


It is helpful to receive feedback from StoresOnline Merchants. If you have feedback about the excellent service that you’ve received at StoresOnline, feel free to leave a message on the blog. Thank you.


Daws Metcalf said...

I'm new with StoresonLine, but am very happy so far. Takes time to master it (I'm not too, but the Customer Service people have been great !!! They all seem to have their own Web sites, so know my concerns and what I need to do to be successful. Very happy with their program...Daws Metcalf

Stacey & Nico Gonzalez said...

I am also new with storesonline and I am excited about the software. I also feel relieved when I read these comments about customer service and the software and how great they are. I am really excited and can't wait to get things started!