Tuesday, September 30, 2008

StoresOnline Support Team: Merchants Thank S. Jolley

StoresOnline has many Customer Support Representatives that not only offer technical help, but form good relationships with StoresOnline Merchants as well. Here are a couple of examples of how a StoresOnline team member, S. Jolley, has once again shown that StoresOnline Customer Support members are making a positive difference for StoresOnline Merchants:

"S. Jolley is the best. Sadly, it won't be long before he's promoted, and then I won't have access to his thorough knowlegde of StoresOnline. He is definitely VP material. Thanks S. for offering such outstanding personalized help. It's because of people like you that makes StoresOnline Customer Support award winning."

"S. has been an enormous help to me. I cannot praise him enough. He truly has made a fantastic contribution to my site through his continued help, direction, creative additions, hard work, and patience. He has helped me when I get stuck performing a task on my site.

S. is a professional & is patient and thorough in his direction. He walks me through step by step to make sure I understand the format & sees me through a complete process to make sure I have understood the steps before we go on to something else.

Thank you for your outstanding customer service. All the technicians I've worked with have been extremely helpful, but S. has been over the top as he also has a very creative gift which he has shared with me on my site. Sincerely, R. Bennett"

Hey S. Jolley - Thanks for being part of what makes StoresOnline great!

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Austin said...

I've also been helped by S. Jolley before, and he is a fantastic customer service rep, very kind and understanding, patient and helpful.
But all the reps at Stores Online are helpful and do a great job!