Saturday, November 15, 2008

AllAmericanWatches: A StoresOnline Success Site

While browsing through the information about StoresOnline, I found this testimonial and thought it would be a great way to share another StoresOnline Merchant's point of view about StoresOnline. This testimonial was given by James Lane and the whole story can be read by clicking here.

James Lane is very animated-and very entertaining. A native of the UK, CitiGroup brought him to New York to work in banking. Then one day his Wall Street job dried up. He had never had an entrepreneurial experience before, but decided then and there it was time for him to be in more control of his own life. At a StoresOnline presentation, he remembers the presenter saying, "The difference between those who dream of being in business and those who are in business is that those who are in business finally chose one day to start." That simple statement spurred him on.

"That speaker changed my life," James says. "I have friends who have dreamed of being in business for 20 years. And they even laughed at me for trying what I'm doing. But there they are all still drawing a paycheck and I have three businesses online."

James had his own reasons for getting started with his online business with StoresOnline. It seemed that James spent his time focusing on what he could do and really used StoresOnline as his support. James educated himself and tried different marketing techniques. He not only worked hard on his business, but kept his vision of success in tact and stayed committed to what he wanted.

Visit James' Online Stores by visiting If you are interested in beginning your own StoresOnline business, you can get started with a StoresOnline Express site by clicking here. Best of luck to all of you online business Entrepreneurs.

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Dee said...

For years I have thrown the idea around of owning my own business like James. I too have decided to go the online route. When you tell people you have website they react like some of James friends. They think you are crazy but hopefully I can find success like James and show them :)