Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tell Us About Your StoresOnline Experience

StoresOnline Merchants regularly call in to the Customer Service Department for assistance with their StoresOnline websites. When a StoresOnline Merchant chats with one the StoresOnline Customer Service Representatives, once the chat session has been completed, the StoresOnline Merchant is given the opportunity to take a survey to rate their service experience. There are many comments that are gathered for the Customer Service Teams and StoresOnline reviews this information to find out the things that the Representatives are doing right, what can be improved upon, and how StoresOnline can provide more education and assistance to StoresOnline Merchants.

Many companies do market research to find out what consumers think about their business. StoresOnline would like to give Merchants a chance to talk about their experience from beginning to present. If you are a StoresOnline Merchant who would like to provide this valuable feedback, feel free to comment on one or all of the questions as listed below. Also, if there is an improvement or request that you have for StoresOnline, feel free to leave that information as well.

Your honest feedback will help StoresOnline in it’s goal of supporting the entrepreneurial dreams of online Entrepreneurs who partner with StoresOnline.

How did you hear about StoresOnline?

How long have you been working with StoresOnline?

How do you feel about the Customer Service you experienced with:

- At your initial Preview about StoresOnline?

- At the StoresOnline Workshop You Attended?

- Customer Support?

- StoresOnline Programming Department?

- If You’ve Attended the StoresOnline Merchant Retreat, What Would Your Comments Be?

- What Do You Like Best About StoresOnline?

- What More Can StoresOnline Offer to Educate You as a StoresOnline Merchant?

StoresOnline appreciates any comments that you choose to make about the questions as shown above. Remember, that if you are a StoresOnline Merchant who is in need of Customer Support, you always have access to assistance by visiting


Teresea said...

I have used customer service many times and sometimes they dont always have the answer. I really like that if they do not know the answer that they are willing to look into the matter for me and then get back to me in a timely matter.

Allan said...

Phone support reps and online reps have always treated me with respect. Even when I have asked stupid questions they have helped get what I have needed on my site. Even if they had to do it themselves they still helped me get what I wanted to accomplish.

Noah said...

Today I had the opportunity of chatting with Steve the phone rep. I had a hard problem that had a easy solution. Steve really took the time to investigate the problem and have others look into it for me. He was able to help me and I appreciate it very grately.

Seth said...

Storesonline offers a great way for an average Joe to compete with those other big businesses on the internet. I love that it is not too complex virtually anyone with little computer experience can operate the software.

Maria said...

I have used customer service they help for easy questions but if they receive a hard to answer question they settle with the must simple answer as of lack of knowlege on the program