Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Read About StoresOnline Pro Software Features

If you are a StoresOnline Merchant, you are familiar with the many beneficial software features of StoresOnline Pro. Here are a few features courtesy of StoresOnlineWebsite.com to review:

7 Rules of Operating A Successful StoresOnline Business One of the most important lessons you’ll ever learn is to ask all the questions you don’t know the answers to. StoresOnline Businesses are very different from their brick and mortar cousins. The oldest, most archaic online store dates back to the 1980s! StoresOnline has been providing StoresOnline websites for at least a decade now. With so much new technology you must stay informed. Read the StoresOnline Merchant newsletter. Go to the Boot Camp training. Spend time exploring the software.

StoresOnline Website ManagementWhen surveyed, 100% of e-commerce website owners agreed that the ability to manage their business at any place and any time is an extremely important and usable feature. Storesonline recognizes this need of complete accessibility and has addressed it with their intuitive online management system.

StoresOnline Secure Online Ordering StoresOnline Pro makes it simple and ease to create custom, secure forms to collect sensitive information from customers. Plus, order processing is handled through one, simplified StoresOnline Pro interface, where you can convey the progress of orders, payment status, shipping waybill numbers, and more.

StoresOnline Built-in Search Technology Search results are displayed on an extremely simple-to-use screen - taking all the guess work out of the equation, and therefore putting your products directly in front of your customers.

StoresOnline Dynamic Image Generation Many website owners do not have the ability or skills to work with their pictures or apply them to their website. This is a complaint that Storesonline has addressed by building an extremely sophisticated Image Server that allows a user to upload, modify, and place pictures throughout a Storesonline website.

StoresOnline Dynamic Design Selection Have you ever thought of building your eCommerce website by dragging and dropping content? With StoresOnline Pro you can. StoresOnline Pro makes it possible to use your mouse to build and design the look, feel, navigation, and more of your eCommerce-enabled website! It doesn’t get easier or less complicated than that. StoresOnline Pro is simple.

StoresOnline Pro Dynamic Page CreationThe StoresOnline Pro interface permits you to customize the look and feel of a unique design. After customizing a design, construct your web pages in StoresOnline Pro’s point-and-click environment or a traditional setting. Then, when you are completely satisfied with the results, instantly publish your website to the Internet.

StoresOnline Pro Dynamic Product Creation Within StoresOnline Pro’s product management interface, you can specify which products are available, featured, or on sale by selecting the boxes of the checkmark, star, and currency symbol columns, by the click of your mouse. In addition, you may easily specify the regular and sale price each product.

StoresOnline Pro Dynamic Form GenerationThe Storesonline Dynamic Form Generator can be used to collect any type of data, take product orders, product inquiries, customer concerns or complaints.

StoresOnline Pro Business Rules The Storesonline Business Rules Module is an extremely robust engine that allows simple implementation of complex ordering and sales rules. For example, taxes, shipping, handling, discounts, and more.

StoresOnline Inventory Control System helps you avoid costly customer complaints by telling the store owner that their inventory level is low backordered or sold out. Storesonline understands that when doing any sort of shipping / delivery product fulfillment, it is important to know your inventory prior to sales.

StoresOnline Financial Software Storesonline is also configured to export data in several different formats, which can be converted into an acceptable import format for many other accounting and database applications.

StoresOnline UPS Online Tools® The UPS Online Tools® are an extremely useful piece of the Storesonline program. With the combination of the Storesonline Store Building Software and the UPS Online Tools®, you can offer your customers a variety of shipping and delivery services. You will also have the ability to more accurately provide shipping rates to your customers.

StoresOnline Pro Customer Relation Module The StoresOnline Pro customer database lists specific information concerning each customer who has submitted a form. Within the StoresOnline Pro point-and-click environment, you can add or edit the information, provide passwords to exclusive areas of your site, and view the customer’s order history and notes.

StoresOnline Marketing Resources The Storesonline Merchant Services area contains tutorials explaining the latest techniques, analytical data, tutorials, and third-party relationships in which you can receive discounts on several popular and useful online services.

StoresOnline World-Class Customer SupportStoresonline Customer Support agents are trained through an intensive learning course, which gives them logical and technical knowledge of the Storesonline software and our Customer Support methods.

If you want to watch a demonstration video that shows the features of StoresOnline Pro, click this link: StoresOnline: View the New StoresOnline Pro Demo Video.

StoresOnline: View the New StoresOnline Pro Demo Video


Cynthia said...

The ability that Pro gives me to work where ever I am is fabulous. It makes it so that I dont feel like I am chained to my business.

Anonymous said...

I really like the dynamic design option that pro offers. I know that normally when others want to create a website they have to invest thousands of $'s to pay a programmer to create just one site for them. Where with Pro you can pay the same, do it your self and have multiple sites with the ease of drag and drop.

Precilla said...

UPS Merchant tools are definitely convenient. Who wants to have to sit and figure out all that shipping cost. With the ease of the UPS Merchant tool it does it with the click of a button.

Francell said...

The StoresOnline Pro Customer Relation Module is awesome! Not only does it collect data about your customers, you can edit it with the click of the button. I especially like that it inputs the info into the builder for you and then you can use that info to email market.

Bernardo said...

Merchant Services is so full of helpful ideas! There is anything in there your looking for like a sample drop shipper letter or how to get traffic to your site.